*** Wholesale Business Closing Down SALES to THE PUBLIC: Prices range from $10 to $100 ONLY!!!! *** Formal Dresses from $30 to $100 *** Womens Fashion from $10 to $80

Popular Gowns - Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency

  • Closing Down SALE - Evening/Formal Gowns

    Our Wholesale Closing Down Sales to the public  crazy sale prices for all of our evening/formal dresses Prices range from $30.00 to $299.00 Please...
  • Celebrity Stack Wilburn at Logies 2019 in Style 5023 Royal Blue

    Stacey Wilburn from Channel Nine program - Travel Guides - wears Drop-Dead Gorgeous gown style 5023 Royal Blue at the Logies 2019.

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  • Promotion SALES - Miracle Agency

    As school holidays come an end, most of the girls have found their dream dress to wear at their formality. However, there are still some gorgeous girls either received their orders from overseas online and turned out to be not fitted or the quality turned out to be not the same as the images showed, or there are some of you still searching for your right gown to wear.

    Good news from Miracle Agency: a promotion sale of up to 50% on most of the dresses which are already at the wholesale prices.

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  • Bridesmaids Dresses - Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency

    Buy the perfect bridesmaids dresses without needing to leave home at Outlet Formal and Bridal Wear. You will get what you see with the images here at our online store for your bridesmaids on your wedding day! 
  • Princess Ball Gown - Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency

    Buy this dazzling debutante/wedding gown by Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency Style 5053 at Outlet Formal and Bridal. The sleeveless bodice has a V-neckline, a shapely fit details a dazzling silhouette, and glimmering crystals on the waist and back make you shine as a Princess.
  • Popular Debutante Ball Gowns - Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency

    Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency offers a few popular Deb dresses for those gorgeous girls to wear at their Deb Balls. Each one of them look so amazing and we are so proud to provide the luxurious hand made princess ball gowns for all the stunning debutantes! 

    Get your deb dresses here with Outlet Formal and Bridal Wear online and dress up as a true Princess.

  • Popular Evening & Formal Dresses-Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency

    Why buy second hand dresses when you can buy our brand new Australian designer Drop-Dead Gorgeous by Miracle Agency gowns online at Outlet Formal and Bridal Wear here at the prices even cheaper than those second hand?

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